Why the Acupuncture Webinar, Doc?

I had a client just ask me on Thursday about why I would be hosting a webinar like this and in fact, how come most of my webinars actually have nothing to do with chiropractic.  While that’s true, I want you to know that I am committed to really just improving the lives of my clients and the lives of their family and social circles.

My wife and oldest daughter has benefitted from working with this upcoming interviewee Kami Waldron and it seems pretty selfish to keep it to ourselves!   In fact, for the past year, I have many of my clients to seek a consult with Kami.

So, please join us on Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm on Google Hangouts.  I will post the recording on my blog here for you to enjoy as well, but with the live session you have the option to type in a question.

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