Why do we Fall?

A great question posed in the blockbuster movie “Batman Begins” to the hero Bruce Wayne to his father after he fell down a shaft.  And as many as you know.  It’s not “if” we fall, but “when”.

And “when” will happen often.  Even the most seemingly successful people have had their fair share of setbacks and pitfalls.  And yet, they never gave up!

Why do we fall?  To learn how to pick ourselves up.

This starts early, even with our children and as adults we have to not always coddle them but allow them to self soothe or help themselves as they mature.  The question is, are you not allowing yourself to help yourself?  Meaning, are you playing the part of victim or do you see your setbacks as temporary?

“You must ask yourself.  In one year, will this matter”?    – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Most of our “problems” are temporary and we laugh at how devastated our kids act all the time with seemingly trivial problems, but please know that at one time, it was our whole world crashing down.  Imagine yourself one year from now and ask if this might be another one of those trivial moments?

It acts as a great compass to see yourself a year later and how you may choose to handle your challenges.

So, take a moment and either journal or videotape yourself about your number one challenge right now and then talk about your perspective of what you will have learned or how you handled it one year from today.

Be well!

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