Who’s your coach?

Who is keeping you accountable?  Someone to answer to.

It goes like this.  Tell someone your goal and why you want to achieve it.  Then give them permission to keep you accountable.

They should never make you feel ashamed when you don’t reach it, but really should be honest and upfront with you and help you find out why you are not moving closer to it.

Ideally, this is someone you hire.  Why?

Spouses are often too kind.  Friends often fold.  Co-workers aren’t completely invested into you.  Yes, there are exceptions.

My coach is my five year old.  Seriously, she is stone cold hearted in making sure I follow my promises.  She has no problem telling me when I am eating bad food or didn’t do my workout.  She tells me she is gonna tell Santa when I am cranky or short with them.

You need someone that is all-business with your goals.  They are going to push you harder and keep you straight and honest with yourself.

Next week, I am going to talk to you about the power of weekly accountability groups.

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