WHO told YOU about chiropractic?

Only 1 in 10 Americans has even TRIED chiropractic, let alone see one on a regular basis (1x/year or more).  You are the minority!  You’re sometimes even seen as CRAZY!!  Which I think it’s crazy that people want more drugs, more surgery, more debt and think that’s the answer!

“Oh man” is right!  Somehow, you got inducted into this crazy small minority group that has helped you LIVE more towards your POTENTIAL!  Chiropractic merely unlocks your body’s ability to function better – and that manifests sometimes as pain relief or better organ function.  Sometimes it’s helping a kid not wet the bed, or a mom sleep all night.  And THINK of how much that improves their lifestyle and their confidence and that of those they are around!   (Did I mention that I FRICKEN’ LOVE MY JOB).

My point is this.  Who told you?  Because statistically, it probably should not have happened, so I need your help in helping more people.  I don’t even care if they live around here; but THIS WORLD NEEDS for you to step up and tell others what you know – wherever they may live).

Here’s a story to help you drive the point home; it’s really CRAZY what happened.

It was January 1998 and I really hurt my back doing a hang clean and I was STUCK in a sideways bend with a terrible pain in my back.  I basically just survived school for the next few weeks.  I tried physical therapy for weeks, and even got scheduled for an MRI to discuss surgery (at age 17!!!).  During wrestling practice, I could basically jog in place and do planks (still in pain, but working hard) and it wasn’t until the surgery scare that my coach forced me to see his chiropractor.  I was back full-speed in 7 days.  Awestruck but not set on being a chiropractor yet. (I learn slowly sometimes).  What the real kicker here is… on my wrestling team were two kids whose DAD WAS A CHIROPRACTOR!!!  They NEVER said a word!!!

My point is this:   America has become the most addicted, obese, medicated, and in-debt population in the history of the world.  So, what are you going to do about it?  Let’s help some people!

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