What Techniques Do I Practice?

There are well over 200 different chiropractic techniques utilized all over the world. And furthermore, in chiropractic the focus of the practice is just as diverse as you would find among medical doctors.

Some chiropractic offices look like a PT office, others like a spiritual center. It’s confusing to the public, so thanks for reading so you can see what I am here to offer you.


I designed my office to be a safe place for families. I literally crawled on my hands and knees to make sure things are designed well for kids. My color scheme and lighting is all designed to encourage an atmosphere of health and healing.


Here in Ogallala, I feel like we are quite isolated and so I offer a wide variety of techniques for you. Everyone has different needs and tastes and although each technique will get the job done, I honor your preferences.

I have adjusted anyone from 2 hour old babies, truckers and ranchers, athletes, all the way to the 96 years young. So, my technique choice is individualized from many options:

  • Hands-on traditional chiropractic
  • Instrument-based care
  • Light-Force adjusting
  • Prenatal adjusting

A full list of techniques I use will be listed at the end of this post for those with experience with chiropractic. Realize that my approach is that we are a team and I ask you for feedback as we move you from point A to point B.

My goal is that you never hesitate to utilize me because “oh man, I need doc but I hate when he does XYZ; I am going to wait and see if it gets better”. And then you wait and we turn a small problem into a big problem. It will then cost more and take longer to fix it. Instead, let’s be a team and keep you and your family healthy and happy.

Techniques Utilized at Vitality

  • Diversified
  • Logan Basic
  • SOT (Sacro-occipital Technique)
  • Thompson
  • Webster
  • Activator/Impulse
  • Chiropractic BioPhysics
  • Pettibon
  • Drop-Table
  • Toggle-Recoil
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