What is our “Born  Awesome” Movement?

It IS a movement.  Perhaps it has only started here in Ogallala, NE in Summer of 2015, but the potential of our message should have a global impact.  Every man, woman, and child should embrace this thought.

We were all born awesome, but more importantly, we are all born to be awesome.

Yes you…

Whether religious or not.  You are the direct product of awesomeness.  If you’re all about evolution and darwinism – well then, your ancestors were the absolute best of the best in order to survive.  Your genetics are filled with success.  Don’t buy into that Bull Pucky of having bad genes, because your ancestors were absolute badasses.  They were the strongest, the fastest, the smartest; because the rest just didn’t make it.

If you are religious, then you need to honor that gift of life.  And God does not give out bad gifts.  He did not create you to be mediocre.  My favorite quote goes like this (thank you Og Mandino):  “Hell begins the day when God shows you all that you might have acheived”.

Whoa, that’s a kick in the gut.  But I hope you  get my point.

So,  where are you being mediocre?  I am gonna be real honest here since I am going through some major changes.  I was mediocre in numerous  ways.   Food and stress eating has been a major crutch for years.  Pornography soiled and promoted solidarity to ruin one marriage.  Netflix numbed my mind instead of reading or bettering myself.

So, what is it for you?  Are you watching TV for HOURS?  Are you eating fast, cheap, and easy?  Are you challenging yourself to grow, or numbing yourself to your reality?

Are you a victim of your circumstances?  Or, can you see that you are born to BE awesome?  Don’t be scared or intimidated by that thought.  Embrace it.

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