What does Japan do better for its students?

Why are parents of Japanese students feeding their kids fish oil supplements?

You are what you eat!

The brain and nervous system is ++% fat and you can either have your brain made and renewed (normal cell division/renewal) from healthy ideal omega-3 fatty acids or from your cheap meat fast food cheeseburger…

Your choice?

Knowing that, just so you know, the Typical American diet has a 25:1 ratio of omega-6 fatty acids (bad fat) to omega-3 fatty acid.

It should be 2:1 – meaning we are CRAZY LOW ON GOOD FAT!

No more margarines, trans fat, hydrogenated oils – those are even worse than Omega-6 fatty acids.

Better fat = better brain.

And it gets better, exercise will make you smarter!  WHAT!?!

Yes ma’am but that’s a topic for next week.

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