Upcoming Interview – Getting REAL about addiction with John Thomason

poster picThis isn’t a happy go lucky type of interview.  We get brutally raw about addiction.  This story may have a happy ending but it’s a hard-fought battle every single day.

Interview Posted at 6:00PM Monday, April 25th

Go behind the scenes with me as I interview John Thomason, who owns multiple businesses and we discuss his own battle with drugs, his relapse, his divorce, and his own road to recovery.  We get dark, authentic, and then talk about how Christ and the 12 steps has helped him make peace and can now claim that his relapse is the greatest thing that could have happened to him.  Whether you battle with drugs, alcohol, sex/porn, smoking, shopping,  gambling, or you name it – addiction can be beaten, but you need help and you need to hit rock bottom.  Check out this video.  It was designed for the addict, and even for the family of the addict – whether they are in recovery or need to be.  Just watch and listen and be prepared to be amazed.  John is also ready and willing to talk to you (addict or family) and/or any schools or groups that need to hear this powerful message.


Contact info:

John Thomason, owner of Panhandler’s

Work:  308-772-3121       Home:  308-772-0445

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