Torpedoes happen

So, we found ourselves an “A Player” for our team to serve at the front desk.  And I have to say that I was truly excited to have some fresh energy to add to our team and use this as an opportunity to really hone our procedures and customer service.  Our interview process is pretty fierce, and not taken lightly.  In fact, our interview process took five weeks for everything to go through.  From a phone message to test phone voice and energy, phone interview, interview on core values, interview with the team, interview about work history, and a few more steps… it takes a lot to get on our team.   Because I am so protective of my team and of my clients to protect their experience.

But no matter how big your ship, torpedoes will happen.  And the bigger the ship, the bigger the torpedo. And this torpedo was that I got a call from our new hire with her explaining that her current employer created a whole new position just for her with an increase in pay, just to keep her.  DANG!   But major props to that employer for recognizing her as an “A player”.

But intially I got really down on myself.  Because I was so sad that we lost this great opportunity and this great person that could really help us take things up a notch.  But then I realized that I was trying to use an “outside in” approach to my own life and business.

But dear reader, you life is not designed to be outside in.  It’s inside out.  Change comes from within.  Meaning you health, your social situation, your relationships, your job situation, is all a product of what’s within.  To think elsewise is allowing yourself to be enslaved by that seductive “victim” mentality.

So, this was such a good thing to happen!  I am working extra hard this week to get my own energy and that of my team up to where I want it.  To make our procedures and customer service to where we want it and then find the right person to support it and expand what we are already doing great!

So, where in your own life are you playing victim?  Where do you need to “own” your own situation?

I promise you.  Change is inside out.  Chiropractic stimulates your body to heal inside out.  You are intelligently designed to live in this matter.  It’s nature.

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