The Stop Doing List

Everyone’s new years resolutions are going to be filled with stuff they need to start doing; but what if you take a new approach?  Try focusing on a stop doing list!

This can happen two ways:

  1.  Tasks that waste time or can easily be delegated.
  2. Feelings or scenarios that you are going to avoid.

Allow me to explain.  For #2 it could be, “I am going to stop feeling regret about what I ate”.  So your quick fix would be to plan ahead any cheat meals or snacks so that you can enjoy them guilt free.  In your mind it would be like this.  I am going to eat well today and tomorrow but tomorrow night I am going to enjoy some ice cream with the kids.  Or pizza, or whatever else.

Time wasting?  Perhaps you need to check out my social media detox blog post?

Otherwise, can you delegate laundry to the kids?  Or like my wife and I do – I wash dishes and clean the kitchen while she gives the kids baths.  I hire out for lawn care because I know that those 2-3 hours could be time helping more clients or spending it with my family – which are better priorities.

So create your stop doing list.  I promise that it’s a lot more fun!

My 2016 stop doing list for the office:

  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping and Reconciling
  • Office Laundry

This last year my stop doing list was:

  • Taking xrays (this is why Erin took classes and does them now)
  • Doing Scans (this is why my whole staff trains weekly on this)

Have fun 1% club!

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