Starting Habits

Have you ever heard of the x-effect?

It’s quite profound, in fact it’s kind of addicting.  And it helps you quit bad habits or start good ones.

Simply put, we love getting on a roll, like starting a row of dominos, and creating a chain of success.

This is what it looks like:

The principle is simple.  And here are my suggestions to get started.

  1.  Start with FOUR cards.  Choose one that is super easy, one that’s pretty hard, and two right in the middle.
  2. Try and make sure one is done first thing in the morning.  My first one is “Gratitude Exercise”  – where I spend 2-4 minutes of being in a state of gratitude even before my feet hit the floor.
  3. These two suggestions really get momentum for the day.
  4. Don’t make them fancy, just do it.  USE a big old marker for your X’s.

Try this and please post a picture of your cards!  It can be here in the comments or on facebook and please tag me!  I would love to see you actually put this into action!

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