Start NOW – Mondays are for WIMPS

Things got SPICY last month when Ogallala’s own Gerard Brennen interviewed me on his vlog/podcast/vodcast – whatever you want to call it.  Did we talk chiropractic?  Nope, instead we got REAL and RAW about getting started on your goals!

Yeah, I call you OUT on your Bulls**t excuses and your “Reasons”.

So…. we had fun.  Check it out below, (or below that I will give you some highlights of what we discussed if you continue scrolling).


  • Waiting til Monday is STUPID
  • Waiting til the New Year = FAILURE
  • How YOU need help (if you didn’t, you’d already have that goal done by now).
  • How your friends and loved ones will not keep you accountable.
  • And more!
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