September ALREADY?!?

photo-1464349153735-7db50ed83c84 (800x481)September is a BUSY month for us at Vitality and it’s a time of celebration for us.  September marks the 121st birthday for chiropractic!

We’ll be having a patient appreciation month, meaning raffle prizes (tickets just for coming in and some bonus for trivia), celebrating testimonials for chiropractic and its miracles, and even a birthday cake!

Prizes?!?  Yes, some big and some little but the point is — THANK YOU for all your trust and we are so grateful that you chose to have us on your health team!

Other than that, we’re celebrating because CHIROPRACTIC has a lot to celebrate!  Did you know that at one time, chiropractor’s were commonly jailed for practicing medicine without a license – all because the AMA was trying to shut us down!

Oh and the first chiropractic adjustment restored the hearing of a deaf janitor!  I mean wow!   Furthermore, the basis of chiropractic has not changed since – same adjustment (there’s plenty of techniques, but the goal and intention is the same), and although there is a faction in our profession that wants to do drugs and surgery (totally $$$ driven), the profession is still drug and surgery free!

You have a choice!  Live a life that will have more and more meds and surgery; OR give chiropractic a try.  We may not be the sole person helping you regain or improve your life, but I can help point you in the right direction!

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