Plan 2018 for SUCCESS

Take a moment and think about the upcoming year.  Think of all the possibilities and how much potential there is for you.   In fact, take a moment and visualize who you have become one year from now.  Are you “MORE”?  And how so?  Physically, Spiritually, Socially (including spouse and kids), and Financially.  Are you “MORE”?

And now, plan some events to make sure you are.

  • marriage seminar or just spouse weekend getaways
  • family trips, family experiences (concerts, shopping, visiting family)
  • 5K, Tough Mudders, Competitions to push yourself physically
  • Meditation retreats, Women of Faith, etc to push yourself to grow spiritually

Taking an hour of your weekend to research and commit yourself will completely change your goals.

For example, you chose a 5K in the spring – well you’re going to be motivated to train!   If you’re committed to a vacation with the spouse, you’re going to make sure you get that bonus or budget to make it happen.

When we have events to look forward to, we go the extra mile to make it happen.  So, make life happen for you!

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