Sports Rehab

sports_rehabIt is getting more and more apparent that chiropractic and rehabilitation have become essential in the sports community. Many professional athletes are embracing both chiropractic and sports rehabilitation, attributing their success and improved performance to these practices. Athletes such as golfer Tiger Woods; baseball players Barry Bonds and Wade Boggs; football player Joe Montana; heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield; basketball player Charles Barkley; Olympian decathlon gold medalist Dan O’Brien; Olympic beach volleyball gold medalists KarchKiraly and Kent Steffes, and many others are regular chiropractic patients.

It is also worthy to note that it is chiropractic that has relieved that pain associated with sports injury while sports rehabilitation allows a fast and full recovery form this injury.

Having received a Master’s in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and working toward obtaining licensure as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), Dr. Nick is equipped to handle sport injuries from youth level to the weekend warrior. Dr. Nick also did his clinical internship with Nebraska Wesleyan University and can provide area athletes with instruction regarding collegiate level athletics and injury prevention.

A common problem found with athletes is muscle imbalances. This means that due to repetitive actions, certain muscles of the body are overworked and become too tight or too developed while other muscles are not worked at all and become weak. This creates a muscle imbalance and usually results in a sports injury. However, all these conditions can successfully be treated with chiropractic and sports rehabilitation. By stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles coupled with overall body conditioning, the athlete is able to recover from injury quickly and reduce the risk for re-injury in their sport. And as many athletes advocate, including the professionals stated above, through chiropractic and sports rehabilitation, their performance has become more efficient and improved.

Therefore, whether you are a child athlete, collegiate, or professional, we would be honored to help take your GAME to the next level!


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