Operation Role Model

Personally, I believe the greatest thing a parent can be for their child is a role model. I also feel that any health care professional; especially doctors, should also follow this motto.


These eyes never shut off – and we need to stop this “do as I say, not as I do” type attitude. Our children, our patients, ourselves deserve better and if we don’t start now – our nation will continue to decline into financial and health ruin. For the first time in history, our children will have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Most Americans will not die of a chronic lifestyle disease (cancer, heart disease, etc.). More and more children are found to have diseases that were once thought to only exist in adults. The time is now and the focus of this article is to move you to action.

In January, I called 2010 the year of the comeback – and now is time to step up to the plate. In all probability, your New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. Time to refocus – instead of pounds lost, bikini season hopes, eating “better” – try this one suggestion. Literally, I want you to point to yourself and say out loud, “Every single day I will take one step closer to being the role model my friends/family/patients/children need.” If you didn’t even do this, you need to look at your ability to commit. Folks, make changes now while you can choose to, rather than when you are forced to.

Expand you time horizon. It is said that the secret to wealth and health is….to delay gratification. What?!!? Simply put, make decisions based on how you’ll benefit later, not this moment. Do you really want that microwaved fast-food cheeseburger? Why not grab something healthier and know that on Saturday, you’ll go somewhere to get the best burger you know. Make your those “cheats” worth it! Get up earlier to work out (like most Americans try and do), and then on the weekend (or plan for a day off) sleep in to your heart’s content. Be a bum then, not daily.

My point is: parents and care-givers, whether they know it or not, are influencing the lives of those around them. So I say unto you: join “Operation Role Model”. Take a tiny tiny step each and every day. You don’t have to be perfect tomorrow. You don’t have to be perfect, period. But head in the direction of excellence. Be the hero your kids/patients need. A hero will save America…but let it be you.

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