Not an Apple, but this could keep me away…

Brushing and flossing your teeth has a purpose. In fact, it saves you time, money, and pain. If we choose not to do this simple daily routine, then it can ultimately lead to more dentist visits, painful cavities, and end up needing all you teeth removed and replaced with dentures.

Ideally, we would have other small daily habits that would also keep us happy and healthy, but most humans have a hard time even taking a daily vitamin, exercise, drink enough water, or even get enough sleep.

So, I am giving you this 20 second move to help stay out of my office but it’s still up to you to do it. I have three moves and if you chose only one per day, your spine would thank you and you could keep your visits to me much like a dental checkup with no cavities.

Here’s my video for your daily habit!
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