“I had neck/shoulder pain for the last several years and attributed it to stress. Ibuprofen and Tylenol helped but it wasn’t fixing the problem. I’d been considering trying chiropractic and visited with Dr. Nick at a home/garden show. It seemed easy to obtain an evaluation and plan of care. Headaches and neck pain have reduced dramatically. If you are considering trying chiropractic care, definitely try it.” -Patt J, Nurse

“I used to have pain in my neck and lower back. I had the problem for several years and was taking 6 ibuprofen a day. It would keep me from sleeping in a bed. Dr. Nick was recommended by some mutual friends and I feel great. I am starting to sleep better and able to make it through the day without pain.” -Joe F, Police Officer

“Dr. Nick is great! Dr. Nick is an amazing professional. He very personable which makes all the difference. Dr. Nick is really interested in helping his patients. I recommend Dr. Nick to my friends and family.”-Meagan L, Student

“I had the luck of knowing Dr. Nick in St. Louis and I can assure you he is an incredibly conscientious, competant and caring person and doctor. He goes the extra mile for the best results. You will absolutely be in good hands if you choose him as your chiropractor, which of course I highly recommend you do.”-Chris L

“Dr. Nick is so thorough in explaining not only what is going on with my body but the “why”. I appreciate that he gets down to the problem and helps me determine what I can do on my own to speed the benefits of his therapy. He sincerely wants to help me be and feel my best. I completely trust him with my healthcare.”-lanne, AllTherapist

“Dr. Nick is a man of absolute integrity and it is an honor to stand beside him as a fellow Chiropractor. If you live in Nebraska and want to take your health to a new level, contact Dr. Nick today, it will be the best move you’ve ever made concerning your health and quality of life.”-WellnessWins, AllTherapist


Patient Video Testimonials

Dr. Nick Fanning
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Dr. Nick Fanning
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