Common Symptoms for Kids

Recognize the warning signs.

Believe it or not most subluxations do not cause pain! Infants may show difficulty sleeping, breastfeeding or have issues with digestion (colic and reflux) and elimination. They may show a tendency to hold their head to one side or prefer breast feeding from one side. Without the language to explain what’s wrong, some newborns exhibit unexplained crying or a lack of appetite. Toddlers may experience repeated ear and respiratory infections or chronic sinus congestion.

Subluxations are often found in children who suffer from chronic earaches. An impaired nerve supply can make their middle ear and Eustachian tubes susceptible to fluid buildup or even infection. Traditional treatment usually involves the antibiotic amoxicillin. However, a recent study showed that children taking amoxicillin can actually compromise their immune system making it twice as likely to have recurring ear infections.

Adolescents may experience asthma, headaches, bedwetting, stomach pain, hyperactivity, behavior problems (ADD) and frequent colds and infections. A common symptom during adolescence, especially in girls, is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine called a “scoliosis.” Alert parents may notice that a high shoulder or low hip make clothing fit poorly. Back and leg pain may be present.

A thorough chiropractic examination can help detect scoliosis in its earliest stages. Safe and natural chiropractic care has helped many young women avoid braces, surgery and the psychological effects of this underlying deformity. Other posture abnormalities such as a tilted head, rounded shoulders or hunchback warrant a chiropractic evaluation.

How are subluxations caused?

Spinal nerve stress can be caused by physical, chemical and/or emotional stress. Physical stress may start in the womb, with the baby lying in a distorted or twisted manner. Spinal nerve stress in newborns is more common than previously realized. This may be caused by a traumatic or difficult birth which can introduce great stress to the infant’s skull, spinal column and pelvis. Today, the United States has the highest C-section rate in the world. Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS) caused by C-section often causes misalignment of the top bone called atlas. It is this atlas that protects vital nerves near the brain. These nerves near the brain control blood supply to the head, ears, nose, throat, glands of the neck, sensation in the fingers. Other sources of nerve stress throughout childhood may include falls off a bike, roller skates, or sporting injuries.

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