National Stress Month

National Stress Awareness Month in April?  Makes sense to me!  Taxes are due, graduation is nearing, and spring is in the air!

Nearly any adult can claim that they need to reduce the amount of stress in their life, but rarely is action taken until a major event (heart attack, stroke, etc) happens.  I believe it’s because people don’t understand the WHY.

1.  Stress lowers your immune function.

– Stress puts your body into a state of fight/flight and your body is more concerned with fighting off a tiger than fighting off a cold, or the flu, or cancer.

2.  Stress sacrifices concentration to increase the body’s senses.

– Think of a caveman hunting food, body’s senses are primed for fight/flight, not learning –> ADD/ADHD.

3.  Stress raises cholesterol

– Cholesterol is a precursor for steriods – pretty important for strength and aggression in a fight/flight scenarios.

**NOTE: some of you may be thinking, “well, I am not in a fight/flight scenario ever”, but the caveman part of the brain does not separate stress situations from doing Taxes versus running from a bear.  It’s all or nothing here folks.  And unfortunately, it’s not the only things that are manipulated with stress.

Let’s begin this conversation, if you’re needing help with stress busting ideas, contact us!

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