My Wife talks about “Mom Guilt”

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FINALLY!  I won a bet and got my wife to promise to do three podcasts with me.  She is so reluctant to jump onto this show for the very reason why we do this show today.  She honestly feels like she has nothing to offer to all of you because she feels like she is failing miserably as a parent, spouse, etc.  One of my good friends references a book and calls it the “Imposter Complex”, but I’m sure many of you can identify with how she feels.  In fact, we dive right in and discuss “Mom Guilt” (nothing against you guys), and how she has numerous sources of guilt.  Guilt from not getting enough picked up around the house. Guilt from not spending enough effort on lunches or even having guilt from taking time to shower or workout.  The guilt is never ending and it can drive you crazy.

Take Home Points:

  1. It’s not selfish to do self-care.  You have to take care of yourself so you have more of yourself to give.
  2. Don’t fall victim to what society says you “should do”.
  3. In fact, stop “shoulding” all over yourself.  Meaning stop telling yourself, “I should do this, I should get this done, etc.”. Release your guilt!
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