My Why

Why am I so passionate about what I do?  What is it that gets me up in the morning day after day?  Why dowe work so hard make sure you have an experience instead of just a typical chiropractic visit?

I’m not just “pushing meat” around, I promise you.  I own making this practicing an art.  Perhaps I am just a silly romantic, but I ask you.  Would you want a doc that pops and cracks you, or adjusts you.  Think about each of those words and how intent can matter when I am working with your child or infant.  I still tear up a bit when a parent hands me their baby, and why?  Because I know what’s at stake.

Colic Baby?  The most common cause of preventable death for a baby is shaken baby syndrome.  If you have a baby that won’t stop crying, and imagine the pain both mom and baby goes through.

Bed-Wetting kid:  think about how that child doesn’t get to experience sleep-overs, or even have the self-confidence that they deserve.

Even the mom or dad with headaches.  Not to make this seem trivial, but I don’t adjust people to help pain.  I adjust to restore the nervous system to normal function and that can help with pain.  But imagine the mom with such bad headaches that it bothers her sleep or even her attitude.  Now extend that to her marriage, or her patience with dealing with her children.

All of you are not just diagnoses to me.  You are my community.  You are teachers to my children, heroes defending the law or fighting fires that could save my family or yours, and you’re so much more.  You’re role models.  My purpose is make sure you are at your best.  You feel good, you will make others feel good.  You live at your best, you’ll give others permission to do the same.  And I’m willing to work harder than anyone you’ve met to do that.  I train hard, I work hard, and my passion is unleashing your potential.

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