My Top Tip to Immediate Improve Your Life

And it’s not about chiropratic.  For those that know me, this is probably a shocking statement, because chiropractic is pretty awesome.

But ironically, it has to do with how you even got to this page.  So, when I say you need to unplug, don’t roll your eyes and close this window; let me give you a strong reason why you need to take this to heart.

Social media is a time vampire.  Run while you can, hide your daughters, and bring in the dog.  Your social media life is robbing you of your real life.  Not convinced?  How much time do you spend looking at your timeline, your posts, and perhaps even taking the perfect selfie for your own posts?  It may not seem like much, but how else could you reinvest that?

I did just that earlier this year.  I removed facebook and twitter off of my phone.  Really, just my phone and began to look at the results.

The Cons:

  1. It was more boring on the toliet.  Yes, I went there, but think about how much longer the standard bathroom break has become now that it is linked to our wireless devices.  Need more motivation?  Sitting at the toliet too long can cause hemorrhoids.  Eew.
  2. I couldn’t post as many cute pics of my kids.  Then I had to ask myself, why would I care?  Yes, I am proud of them, but do I really need to do this?  They will be so grateful (someday) that I am not posting embarrassing photos of them being kids or being gross.
  3. Less selfies.  Ok, so I’m kidding because I am not someone that loves taking selfies.  I do love photo-bombing them.

The Pros:

  1. More present moments.  I was more engaging with my kids, my wife, my co-workers, and my clients.  It was tough for a weekend, but after that, you really start to engage in “real” life again.  We forget now ensnaring social media can become, but as you look around any restaurant or even park, see how many are plugged into their phones instead of engaging life.
  2. More time, more productivity.  Time vampire.  This truly is just a black hole and if you don’t know what I am talking about, then you’re lying to yourself.  It’s designed to be that way.  Log on to check for any messages and then you’re caught up in the latest newsfeed or post.  Or how about the latest and craziest trend.  What color is that dress?  Can you believe our President?  What about Cecil the Lion?  And ZAP, time has been lost, or even your momentum on a project or task.
  3. Which leads me to:  Garbage In = Garbage Out.   We become what we think about.  Are you steeped in gossip or empowering discussion.  Don’t misunderstand me, social media can be incredibly positive and uplifting, but it’s not typically.  Instead we hear political rants, religious outcries, attention seeking cries for attention, and oversexed pictures imprinted on your conscious and more-so, your unconcious mind.

Give it a shot.  Remove it from your phones for just a few days.  Promise yourself at least 3 or 4 days before you allow yourself to reinstall it.  It won’t change your life, it will merely return it to you.

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