My final thoughts – webinar with Laurie Hock

On Monday Night, I interviewed a success coach named Laurie Hock.  It’s incredible that I could even score that interview but she married a fraternity brother of mine from college (shameless opportunity grab).  And what we talked about, blew my mind!

The Basic theme was this:  YOU HAVE POTENTIAL!  Change your mindset (internal dialogue) and surround yourself with the right people – then you will start to level up your life!

More below, but first!  Important links!

  • By the way, it was a sweet offer she made.  Here’s her email address:
  • Also, check out that sweet assessment she mentioned:

So, my immediate take-a-ways were that I need to make sure I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I am doing so right now by changing some things in my office (more on that later, but I’ve sold all my traction equipment…what!?!).  Also, time to level up my innermost circle.  I am paying for some coaching – especially Meagan Hovendick for my nutrition and Gerard Brennen for my working out.  I need some congruency!

Please share what you learned from this bomb inteview!!!

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