Living in a Winter Waterland

Wait, what?  Yes, you’ve been fooled into reading about the importance of hydration in winter.  Which is even more important than in the warmer months.

Yes, even when you’re sweating and saying ridiculous things like “hot enough for ya” to strangers at the fair, water is even
more important in the winter.

You see, the air is dry from the heater.  Moisture is just sucked from our bodies and more importantly, our mucous membranes.  Those are spots that are key spots for our immune system to protect us from nasty germs and viruses.

So, get our your humidifiers and start running them and break out your awesome Vitality water bottles (or stop in for one) and start chugging away.

How much?  Take your body weight in half.  That’s how many ounces you should aim for… minimum.

Unless your a college or professional athlete – no sports drinks are needed.

By doing so your immune system will work better, your skin health improves, and your energy levels will improve.

Til then, bottoms up!

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