Is Bad Health just Bad Luck?

There’s a problem that society seems to teach us that we’re unhealthy because of Bad Germs, Bad Genes, or Bad Health.

And I have a problem with that.

The human body is instead, designed for success, for health, and luck favors the prepared.

Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t argue this.

  • Our ancestors were the fastest, strongest, and survived to pass on their genetic information –> therefore the best of the best.
  • Or, religion-wise: our God did a great job designing our body to even function, as complex as it is, and even though one cannot even begin to contemplate His intentions, he did design our bodies to be amazing and full of health.

Research shows that the majority of our ailments are actually lifestyle driven and that less than 1% are genetic.  So thinking that you’re heavy or high cholesterol is just bad genes, perhaps not.  Do yourself a favor and look up EPIGENETICS.  Meaning that our gene expression is based on our environment (think toxins, traumas, and thoughts).  So take charge and realize that you can change and change for the better – but get help and accountabiliy to do so!  I can help you find a dietician, personal trainer, therapist, or give you an amazing adjustment for health!

Bad luck, bad bugs, and bad genes are good for one thing – profits of those that benefit from you being sick.  BE HEALTHY!

How you do that?  This world is already filled with massive amounts of information that is generic and basic a “fix-all” for everyone.  What you need is personalized attention and a one-on-one approach to fulfill your needs.  So, let’s talk!

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