Inflammation Webinar Details

Inflammation – the secret killer.  This was the front page headline to a Time Magazine in 2004 describing the role of inflammation in a plethora of lifestyle diseases.  So, fast-forward 12 years and it’s still a rampant problem.  So, join me as I interview Nutritional Response Doc Lauren Kolowoski.  Next Thursday, June 23rd at 6:30 pm for a live Google Hangout (recording to be posted later).

inflammationDr. Lauren has been interviewed before about NRT and now we get more in depth about inflammation and how it’s affecting your daily health and overall lifestyle.

So what can we do?  Pop a pill?  Even anti-inflammatories are linked to a host of issues as well as kidney and liver failure.  There has to be a better way….

And there is.  Mark this one on your calendars – it’s sure to be worth your time.

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