How I went crazy with these blogs and emails…

There’s only one way to coast.  (down if you didn’t know).  And I have been coasting… I just let out a frustrated groan actually just writing this.  AND IT DOESN’T SERVE ANYONE or do anyone ANY FAVORS if I coast.

I don’t honor my God, my family, my team, or YOU by being complacent and meek.

So, I’m committed to MASSIVE ACTION.  And if that makes you mad; then click unsubscribe at the bottom, because it won’t hurt my feelings, but the thing that would is knowing I could have done more and I didn’t.

  • So instead of Netflix – I am studying and passing the TRUTH I learn to you.
  • Instead of facebook stalking – I am committed to inspiring you to climb to a  new level.
  • Instead of late night food binging or sleeping in – I am getting my butt to the gym to lead by example and do what I can to motivate you.

Don’t unsubscribe.  You get so many emails that not going to make you any better.  Enjoy one that has the full intention on taking your life up a notch.  And please tell others to get out of their comfort zone and get on this list.

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