Holiday CHAOS – Why do we do it?

UGH – I hate the drama that comes with the holidays!  It’s supposed to be a time for reflection and family and worship and yet so many of us divebomb into the chaos that settles in.

Here’s your action plan:

  • Write down what you need to avoid next year.
  • Also, what did you vow to never do/let happen again.
    • Now that you have these two items, use technology to plan ahead for next year.
    • Either in your “to do” list (I use; just SCHEDULE a reminder for next year.
    • LIke on October 10th –> order Christmas Presents
    • Or monthly put a reminder to save $50 for Christmas (or better yet, have it auto-deposited each paycheck)
    • November 1st: schedule house cleaner for Mom (or yourself) for the holidays or to order part of the dinner catered.
    • Or even make sure to schedule a cruise during this week and skip it all!

You’ll thank me later!

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