Halloween is next week – are you ready?

This is a glorious “Part 2” from my post last week, check it out if you haven’t already.  We’re talking about this massive diabete’s insuing ritual of trick or treating that is about to take place on Monday.  And what I mean about “have a plan” is what are you going to do about keeping your kids healthy?

Sugar is not healthy – duh!  But, it actually lowers immune function and ruins digestive health as well.  

Yes, it’s only once a year, but we can do a few things to limit it’s bad effect.

How about you come up with some rules before the big day.


  • Half the candy goes in the freezer.
  • The Switch Witch (trading candy for toys)
  • One Candy Per Day/meal, etc.

Again, set these up ahead of time so you and your little ones have a clear understanding (and healthier day).

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