Ear Tubes and Antibiotics Galore!

This talk could save your sanity! As a parent, I understand the fear and frustration of a sick child. The crying, lack of sleep (by everyone), and the feeling of helplessness. You run to your trusted physician with hope in your eyes and they see you and your situation and want to comfort you. And unfortunately many will send you home with a prescription and perhaps begin the discussion of ear tubes. Sound familiar? The problem lies in that this is not what is recommended and outlined as sound science. Current research recommends…a different approach and many associations have been doing their best to get the word out, but the problem lies in how busy we all are, your doctor/nurse practitioner/PA included. They just want to help but their tools available to them are limited.

Here is the reality of where this type of thinking has gotten us:

  • 85% of all children will have an ear infection
  • Ear infections are the #1 reason for visits to the pediatrician – that totals to over 30 million visits per year!
  • Ear infections are the #1 reason for visits to the emergency room
  • Profit of sales of antibiotics and surgery for ear infections exceeds 2 BILLION per year!
  • Research shows that 70% of all ear infections are caused by viruses (meaning antibiotics are useless, yet still prescribed..scared yet?)

You have options, join us for our online webinar on Wednesday, February 18th at 7PM. Join us live to have your questions answered but register and you will receive a link for the recording as well. If you have friends or family that have small children, help us spread the word!

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