Don’t be fooled!

Are you “getting played”?  Maybe making your decisions off of someone that can profit from your follies.  Getting your nutrition advice from a clown, king, or red-haired girl named Wendy?  Maybe even falling for the promises of great advertising.

The easy solution is to do just as much research in your health as you do researching for your next vacation, car, appliance, or home.  Our goal is to always empower our clients to become their own health advocate and take charge of themselves in moving away from mediocrity and towards your God-given “awesome-ness”.  It’s still there, but you have to be willing to do the work to regain it.  Yes REgain it, because it’s always been there.

So, in honor of April Fool’s Day, here is a list of my top ways that you may have been fooled by clever marketing that YOU need to explore and fix.

  • “All-Natural” doesn’t mean anything – this phrase is not regulated nor protected!
  • “Fat-Free”, “sugar-free” just means that there are some crazy man-made chemicals in there, not necessarily healthier for you!
  • Vitamin Water – not healthy, in fact they have been in trouble over trying to make consumers believe this.
  • You rarely need Gatorade – water is more than adequate – unless you’re training in the summer, outside, in Florida…
  • If a drug ad appeals to you, at least look it up on the internet before you ask your doctor if it’s right for you.
  • Facebook is addicting, and you’ll waste hours upon hours if you’re not careful.
  • Does it make sense to know that certain drugs can and will kill or harm a certain number of people and be okay with it, yet we don’t apply the same logic to vaccinations?
  • “It will just get better on its own” are some of the deadliest words on the planet.
  • The list of side effects for most medications is listed and only posted if that side effect showed when it was the only med taken.  There is not a dependable list for cross-reactions (if you’re taking more than one med).
  • All doctors (chiropractors included) are NOT the same.  Find someone that will take the time to know your individual needs.

I could really just go on and on.

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