Detox Your Time

Perhaps a better title would be,  “Detox your life”…  Or even, “Time for a do-over”.  Because what I am writing about today is cleaning up the trash.  Starting over.  Getting rid of all your time vampires; those people or those distractions you have that are sucking your life away.

WAKE UP!  Get angry – because you were fooled that your time vampires were once the key to your happiness.

  • Social media?  Distracting you from the loved ones standing or sitting right in front of you.
  • Texting/emails:  they can wait, but we get so addicted to checking our phones or computers ALL THE TIME.
  • TV – This has been taught to us by our parents, most of us have been raised by the TV (or Nintendo).
  • Gossip:  You were not born to be a trash recepticle.  Most of gossip is unproductive and makes you feel bad even when it’s not about yourself.

And yet, it’s so addictive.  It’s so seductive and distracting.  Who cares if the dress is blue and black versus white and gold?  Who cares what the Kardasians are wearing?  Stop making stupid people famous and stop being a sucker for getting upset about a red cup!  Your kids need you.  Your spouse is dying for your attention.  Your social circle is hungry for REAL connection, for authenticity.

When you decide to take charge and detox, here are my top suggestions:::

  1. On your phone, right now, delete facebook, twitter, tumbler, and instagram.  Or whatever is your top social media distraction.  COMMIT to THREE DAYS before you re-install it.  Do not wait, do it now; otherwise you won’t.  You will hate it for two days and by the third you will be shocked at how much better your interactions with loved ones has been.  You’ll appreciate distraction free eating and you’ll save a ton of time not being on the toliet

  1. By that point, you’re ready for more.  Then, your next challenge is to schedule time to check your email.  Set up 2-4 times a day where you can check your email.  And that’s it, no more!  I promise that it will still be there!  And make sure you don’t check your email until late morning.  Don’t let someone else set the tone for your day.  Whether it’s at home or at work.  Your first order of business should NOT to be checking your email.  By starting your day with email, you are inviting someone else to be setting your day’s tone.  I like to wait and check email at 9am.  I have had time for goal setting, affirmations, and visualizations as well LONG before I check my email.

Really, once you master these two steps, you’re gonna feel like a rockstar or a ninja.  Maybe even like Batman, because these will change your life.  From there, then look to your major time vampires (TV, phone, texts, gossip, etc.) to find out what your next step is.  Please feel free to talk to me about this.  I have been on a long journey to slay these beasts and sometimes I fall for their seduction again.

Be strong and just like any habit.  Even if you stumble, get right back on that horse!

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