Demolish Your Box

This is Part 2 of my “Who’s Your Coach” Podcast.  Catch up by checking it out here.  Otherwise, if you’re caught up and ready for more.  This week I bring you the “WHY” you need to demolish the box that your social group (friends and family) has placed you in.

They love us, they mean well; but they also don’t like to make you sad, mad, and uncomfortable.  They aren’t going to call you on your BS and they certainly are not going to tell you to stop complaining and get to work.

Remind yourself “what’s at stake”.  So, whether you are going to hire someone or even have weekly coffee with one of the parents that seem to have their poop in a group, you need someone to keep you rocking your goals.

I use both systems.  I have a coach for my business.  I also have two separate accountability groups to hold me to a higher standard in my business, personal goals, and as a parent.

The key is consistency.  You meet regularly and don’t miss it!  I know that every Tuesday AM at 6am that I will be on the phone with the same group of guys.  It’s rhythms and a ritual for success.  I don’t schedule anything during that time!

Search out people you respect and that have similar values of you.  They don’t have to work in your industry or office, so be creative, but make sure that you all have a mindset for growth and development.  This is not a “bitching session” when you get together, but one focusing on self-improvement.  Accountability Groups can be your bible study, a cooking group (cook and talk), sport’s club, etc.  Or get out of your comfort zone and invite people and give them the reason why you want to meet.

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