Days are getting shorter — be careful!!

As humans, we have many cycles that we fall prey to: menses, ovulation, lunacy (you would not BELIEVE the things I see in my office around a full moon), and the Fall is no different.

Wait, what?  Yes!  The Fall has a few trends associated with it.  Not just Halloween candy and scary movies, but you see; October is the main month for Nebraska for conceiving babies.  The shortening of the days triggers a few things.  Especially our desire to consume calories to put on fat, but also to reproduce.  A fair warning to all you ladies and your “sexy” variation on the many costumes out there.

So, the point of this blog?  Not to scare you from nighttime activities, but to warn you about cravings – cravings for sugar and fat.  Of course, it’s no coincidence that we have halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas cookie season upon us – we’re naturally drawn towards eating now.

As a man that has recently lost 50 pounds (only halfway to my goal, but a great start); maybe it’s for me more than you to share a few tips for the EATING SEASON!

1.  Drink more water

Really it’s because we’re more dehydrated from the dry heater we’re starting to run, and our body will get that extra hydration even by having cravings for food.  So hydrate away!

2.  Plan ahead

Parties, get-togethers, watching the game, family dinners – always go in with a game plan.  Meaning, yes you have Grandma’s special entree but trade that for not having soda.  Or have your beer, but go easy on the chips and cheese.


I know it’s just half of a serving of XYZ but either put it in the fridge or toss it.  You are not a portable garbage disposal!  It is so easy to rack up a couple extra hundred calories per day by mindlessly doing this!

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