Halloween is next week – are you ready?

This is a glorious “Part 2” from my post last week, check it out if you haven’t already.  We’re talking about this massive diabete’s insuing ritual of trick or treating that is about to take place on Monday.  And what I mean about “have a plan” is what are you going to do about keeping your kids healthy? Sugar is…
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The Toxic 12

In the past few week, I’ve been focusing on food; but it’s important for you to realize that we can also absorb chemicals through our skin. We often don’t think about what we might absorb from our: – Makeup products – Shampoos and soaps – Sunscreens – Hand-soap and anti-bacterial gels In fact, the average woman absorbs two kilograms of…
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The “Not So” soft drink

Since their popularization and nationwide sales by the 1960s, soft drink, or “soda”, “pop”, “cola”, consumption has become one-fourth (25%) of all sugar consumption. Americans now consume, on average, 500 cans per person, per year1. The United States, in fact, ranks first among all other countries for soft drink consumption with a per capita consumption of nearly 15 ounces a…
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