Your Health: Who’s fooling who?

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I decided to address the biggest joke out there, which happens to be one we play on ourselves every single day. I’m talking about your perception of your own health. Let me explain. If you’re not sick, are you well? If you’re not in pain, are you healthy and free from any disease? It might be…
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The “Not So” soft drink

Since their popularization and nationwide sales by the 1960s, soft drink, or “soda”, “pop”, “cola”, consumption has become one-fourth (25%) of all sugar consumption. Americans now consume, on average, 500 cans per person, per year1. The United States, in fact, ranks first among all other countries for soft drink consumption with a per capita consumption of nearly 15 ounces a…
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Using Health to Create Wealth

What would you be willing to do to retire a millionaire? How much time is that worth? One hour a day? How about two? Only 10 minutes? Not many people realize this, but by making a few healthy changes in your life, you could find yourself in retirement one day with a whole lot of cash. The typical American has…
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