Halloween is next week – are you ready?

This is a glorious “Part 2” from my post last week, check it out if you haven’t already.  We’re talking about this massive diabete’s insuing ritual of trick or treating that is about to take place on Monday.  And what I mean about “have a plan” is what are you going to do about keeping your kids healthy? Sugar is…
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The Stop Doing List

Everyone’s new years resolutions are going to be filled with stuff they need to start doing; but what if you take a new approach?  Try focusing on a stop doing list! This can happen two ways:  Tasks that waste time or can easily be delegated. Feelings or scenarios that you are going to avoid. Allow me to explain.  For #2…
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Regifting Your Holiday Stress

Chronic stress affects functions at all levels, and what is particularly worth noting as we wind our way through a review of this topic is that regardless of the system under consideration” – Meaney, M. PhD 2001. Our stress response whether chronic or acute is the same. Imagine you’re out for a walk and a lion attacks you – HUGE…
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