“Back to School” – Part 4

RANT Warning!

So, I LOVE that we’re using tablets and technology in the schools!
– less books
– less weight in the backpacks
– less paper waste, etc.
– easy to update text as well.

And the list goes on….HOWEVER!

Think of little Johnny’s POSTURE as they sit in class or on the couch with one of these!

– remind them to use good posture
– book supports/lifts work great
– bluetooth keyboards allow them to type easier and often have a tilt part as well to lift the screen.

Let’s see the implications.  Take two kids.  One that has a tilt and one that doesn’t use one.   Both spend an average of FOUR HOURS a day (probably a low estimate) in one of two positions…

Guess which one has more energy at the end of the day, less sick days, less headaches, less pain, better lung function, better digestion…

Also imagine with me for a moment:  is this magically going to fix itself or get worse over time?  And parents/grandparents, don’t think you’re not also being affected by this.  Even if you don’t currently use a tablet, think of how fast technology is progressing.  Just 12 years ago, many of did not have a cell phone… just imagine how different life will be in 12 more years… Better make a plan now!

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