“Back to School” – Part 2 – Backpacks

Single strap used to be cool, but double strap is even cooler!  (unproven opinion)
–  Dr. Nick

But so important even if you’re not going to win any popularity contests – especially as backpacks are getting heavier and heavier!  Hopefully as schools move more towards using tablets in school, these will replace the heavy books of old (saving kids the hassle of checking books back in free of tears and pencil marks)…

Just a few tips for backpacks until that day!
– 15% of child’s weight MAX
– so if Junior weighs 45 pounds, then backpack should be 5 pounds or less!  (not very much right?!?).
–  Double strap for backpacks
–  Single strap satchels are great if worn across the body.
–  Roller bags even better!

Taking just 20 seconds to check your child’s backpack will save you time and money and wear and tear.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”.

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