“Back” to School – Part 1

We are knocking on the door to another year of school and all of our children will be experience a huge insult to their nervous system.  All summer they got to run around and have fun (hopefully, instead of sitting around watching Netflix all day) and now they will be forced to sit for seven hours every day.

This is like candy to their teeth.  The human body was not designed to sit for prolonged periods of time.  So, for this August I will be posting a series of blogs focusing on back to school issues our kids face – from posture, scoliosis, ADHD, and backpack safety.  Check back weekly for each post and see your kids benefit.

Don’t Slouch!”
– Mama Fanning

Mom was right, but unless little Johnny or Susie has been taught, then think about how they are sitting in math class right now.  Not a pretty picture!  We have found through research that posture effects and moderates multiple physiological functions – example?  Play along please.
1.  Sit up straight
2.  Stick only your head forward
3.  Take a deep breath
4.  Now sit up straight and repeat.
** which is easier?   Whoa, lung capacity is just ONE of many that are compromised by poor posture.

So, habits start at home, take the effort and get little Johnny or Susie sitting up straight and call me if you need help!  Habits can take time and my job as a chiropractor is to take poor posture and change it into good posture.

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