Arch Madness in March

On your feet a lot, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, shin splints and more….

Once a year the company that makes our custom molded orthotics does a HUGE discount on their orthotics and we pass that savings to you.  Fro the month of March, stop in and grab yourself a pair of custom orthotics with $50 off!

Why do we use “Sole Supports“?

As a chiropractic I like to stick to chiropractic and refer out; however, not many folks to refer to out here in Western Nebraska, so I wanted you to have a solid option for this.

We chose a company that is actually podiatry-based, meaning that podiatrists (AKA foot doctors) use and the company owner actually teaches at SIX different schools about orthotics and how to customize it.

Dr. Nick is trained by the owner and had to be certified by his company in order to offer his product.

Wondering if you’d benefit? ¬†Check out this video.

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