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Interview with Dr. Abbie Ballard:  December 10th, 2015 – How to “Sleigh” you bad holiday habits – we dove into stress, inflammation, sugar and how they create the perfect storm for poor health.

Interview with Lauren Kolowoski:  November 2015 – Meet the doc that helped me get my family back!  Her passion with working with the toxicities and nutritional deficiencies that plague the health of our country and especially it’s children.  Learn all about nutritional response testing in this recording of our google hangout!

1up FitGeek Interview – Chelsey Alderson:  Take a look at this one-on-one video where Chelsey explains her own amazing transformation and how it lead to her helping others to do the same!


Audio Recordings

Wellness Dietitian Interview – Meagan Hovendick:  Join us for this short, raw, un-rehearsed interview with Ogallala area dietitian where she shares her passions and best tips!  Click here to download the teleseminar!

Women’s Health: We dive deep into the topic of Women’s Health and I will be accompanied by an expert, Dr. Abbie Ballard.

Click here to download the teleseminar!

Ear Infections: Ear infections are one of the most worrisome illnesses for parents because in the traditional medical model children are often prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, or even worse, SURGERY.
Click here to download the teleseminar!

“Sleigh” Holiday Habits (Nutrition): This teleseminar gives you the tools to maintain and improve our health during the holidays thus making the holiday season healthy!
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