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“The power that made the body heals the body.” –BJ Palmer

We have studied and mastered a number of chiropractic techniques in order to meet your needs. With this being said, we often have patients who have experienced a particular type of adjustment in the past and as a result of our extensive education of chiropractic techniques, we are able to deliver what you are looking for and more. Therefore, please read the following in order to learn about the techniques which we use most often:

Chiropractic Biophysics-Chiropractic BioPhysics®, orCBP®, is, in short, a higher level of chiropractic. It is a more knowledgeable, comprehensive, systematic, scientific approach to chiropractic that provides predictable results for patients. CBP® combines standard chiropractic joint adjustments with mirror image®(opposite position) postural adjustments, mirror image® spinal/postural exercise, and mirror-image® traction to provide more permanent relief and improved health for patients through spine and postural correction.

Webster Technique-The late Larry Webster, D.C., Founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association(ICPA), developed a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment which enables chiropractors to establish balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis and reduce undue stress to her uterus and supporting ligaments. This balanced state in the pelvis has been clinically shown to allow for optimal fetal positioning. The technique is known as the Webster Technique.This technique as a safe means to restore proper pelvic balance and function for pregnant mothers. In expectant mothers presenting breech, there has been a high reported success rate of the baby turning to the normal vertex position. This technique has been successfully used in women whose babies present transverse and posterior as well. It has also successfully used with twins.

Diversified: One of the techniques that we use out the practice is the most commonly used adjustment technique by chiropractors as it is characterized by a high velocity low amplitude thrust. Diversified is considered the most generic chiropractic manipulative technique and is differentiated from other techniques in that its objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and joint dysfunction. This form of spinal manipulation consists of a short, fast force applied to the specific joints to instill motion, stretch surrounding muscles, and stimulate the nervous system. Diversified adjustments use a specific line of manual thrust that goes deep into the joint. This corrects mechanical distortions of the spine or joint within the joint cavity and also stretches the soft tissue which may have formed around the misaligned joint. By adjusting the spine or joint, and thrusting it into its proper position, the fluids and tissue move more freely and are distributed properly within the joint, which can ease pain and discomfort. There are extensive research studies that prove the efficacy, safety, and effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.

Thompson: This technique was developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson and has completely evolved into one of the most utilized approaches because of its precision and results. With this being said, this technique is extremely unique because it requires the use of an adjusting table that actually moves with the adjustment, allowing for decompression of the disc and a natural healing approach for those who are suffering from pain. This is a specific chiropractic technique that uses mechanical and hands-on manipulation / adjustment which is primarily utilized to treat cervical and lumbar disc herniation, non-disc spinal disorders, and to increase mobility of spinal joints.

Activator: This technique is one of the most popular “low force” approaches to chiropractic in the world. The reason this is the case is because we use an adjustment instrument called The Activator Methods® Adjusting Instrument, which is a handheld spring-loaded tool that delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed thrust. This is extremely beneficial for elbows, writs, knees, and other joints of the body.

Logan Basic: We use this technique because it focuses on the foundation of the spine and our non-force delivery style. With this technique, we will use our thumb to apply a light pressure to the muscles that attach to the sacrum. (Knowing exactly where to deliver this light contact requires years of training and experience.) We will hold this contact for about 10 minutes or however long is needed to relax the muscles. With repeated visits, as muscle spasms are reduced, the sacrum is able to assume a more normal position.

Toggle RecoilToggle Recoil: While you are in a totally relaxed state, usually lying on your side, a high-speed, low-force thrust is delivered to the upper bones of your spine and the hands are quickly withdrawn. This allows the body to use the energy as it sees fit to “reset” the spinal joints.

Like we mentioned above, if you have been exposed to a specific technique that you enjoy please make us aware so that we can deliver the type of results that you DESERVE!

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