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18311Dr. Nick Fanning, Doctor of Chiropractic

The Real Story

This would normally be the spot where I would tell you the long journey that I took to become a chiropractor and then share my personal success story.

But that pales in comparison to what it has done for my family.  And their story is what has ignited my purpose.

Every one of my family has benefited, but I want to share with you the story of my youngest, Madelyn.  She was born with CDH, meaning she had a massive hole in her diaphragm and her stomach and intestines had then migrated upward and put pressure on her heart and left lung to the point that they were not growing properly.  If she survived the birth process and the primary hypertension that would ensue from the lungs and heart being squished, she would have to have surgery to repair the hole.

IMG_4425We were told that her chance for survival was only 5% and the average hospital stay is 9 months with a child typically placed on oxygen at home for an average of 2 years following.  A childhood filled with reflux issues and medications would await her at best.

She left the hospital one month after her surgery, being on oxygen for only one additional day.  She has no medications, no reflux, and we thank God each day for her and the brilliant care she received.  The question remains, how did she out-perform all other CDH children by leaps and bounds?  Why did my baby girl live (and live well) while so many did not?IMG_6726

I honestly believe that I may have already served my purpose in life already by delivering her the adjustments she needed to thrive.

If it saved her life, what could chiropractic do for your family?



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