Local Experts

Local Birth Serices – Mama & Me Consultant – Gerty Wyatt

In a small town, it’s still surprising just how many amazing experts are around.  We have a Lamaze certified and lactation consultant right here!  When you’re pregnant, would it not be awesome to have someone around to handle all the details of your pregnancy?  Someone there so you can focus on the moment…  Here she is, Gerty Wyatt!

Getting to the Point – Acupuncture Webinar with Kami Waldron

We somehow have this amazing acupuncturist out here in the middle of nowhere.  If you’ve ever wondered what acupuncture is about and if it can help you – watch and see why I refer so many clients to her!

LiveWell Interview – 1up FitGeek Chelsey Alderson

Take a look at this short, raw and uncut interview with Keith County Local Chelsey Alderson, a woman who’s own amazing transformation will inspire you to find your own “why” to level up your life.  Her passion is to help you find a new level of health and wellness and she has a fun and innovative way to tap into your inner GEEK to do so!

Contact Info:

Email: 1upfitgeek@gmail.com
Blog: www.facebook.com/1upFitGeek


Stump the Foodie Event – Meagan Hovendick

We took your hardest nutrition questions and tried to stump our local wellness dietitian.  Mission was NOT accomplished.  You’ll be amazed at her awesome nutrition hacks and tips!



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