10X Your Returns

Law of Reciprocity

I’m not talking about the business trick that means you provide a gift and your customers will feel like they need to return the token with buying from you.  Or that charities do it by sending you a nickel or return address labels or other forms of junk.

I am talking about providing the world with value and having that shower you with reward.

You spread your time, energy, or wealth and it returns to you in fold.

Like love.  Love is abundant and you can’t split it, or keep it reserve.  It just multiplies the more it’s used.

Stay with me here.  But love isn’t the only thing that abundant.

Time – Energy – and even wealth…

But first you have to choose.  Scarcity mindset or a mindset of abundance.  You can’t have it both ways.

Scarcity is frequently what we are taught.  “Don’t put your eggs all in one basket” or “a penny saved is a penny earned“.

I’m not suggesting we be dumb with our resources and cast them all around, but stop being stingy!

Time with your children or spouse.  You will find time to make up for it.

Your focus and attention to a task instead of multi-tasking.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll finish your tasks and projects, freeing up more resources or creating even more (time and money).

Donating your time or money for a friend or family member (shameless plug here for Lora Barnhills fundraiser here).  And yet, just like fish and loaves have done in the past, we seem to attract it back threefold!

So my advice to you.  Take inventory and find out where you have been in a scarcity mindset and write out the following.

  1.  If I was 1% more abundant with my thinking about XYZ, that would mean [blank].

For example:  If I was 1% more abundant with my focus with the kids in the morning, that would mean we would get ready for school faster and set a better tone and attitude for the day.  That would give me back time and provide more positive energy for the day.  Boom.

See how that works?  Good!

Think about your kids, spouse, work, school, groups, your friends and your family (btw: call your mom).

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